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Encoris’ customized bone medical models will enhance your devices’ features and benefits and maximize your surgical skills training. We manufacture a vast array of anatomical medical models for hands-on sales rep demonstration, surgeon-patient education, desktop tradeshow display, and remote surgical training. Revolutionary FlexBones and Surgical Trainer technology.

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“The surgeons appreciate the models and can’t get enough of them”

Anatomical and Visually Stimulating: Medical and Bone Models Professionally Showcase Your Implants

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Extremity Models

Our medical models are extensively used for patient education, sales training, and surgeon demonstration to help facilitate in-depth explanations for many orthopedic surgical techniques.

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Surgical Task Trainers

Isolated bone anatomy customized specific to the surgical task to provide surgical training that is focused, efficient, less-costly, pathology-specific, and repeatable.

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Spine Models

Encoris’ spine models perfectly illustrate the details of any device and are ideal for training and instruction, sales demonstration, or as an impressive centerpiece.

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Cardio Models

Professional anatomic models are perfect for showcasing medical devices used in vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, and peripheral vascular procedures.

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Joint Models

Our joint models help demonstrate and conceptualize many procedures, aiding in showing exact hardware and prosthetic positioning and surgical approaches.


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PCNL Kidney Trainers

A First-of-its-kind PCNL Kidney Trainer that delivers the most realistic, hands-on surgical experience for practicing the removal of kidney stones.


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Surgical Training


Encoris specializes in developing realistic and anatomically accurate surgical training models. Our various trainers are manufactured to include customizable, replaceable bone and supporting tissue anatomy, with pathology, offering comprehensive challenges in access and targeting. Encoris can design surgical trainers using arthroscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound, and x-ray modalities.