Customizable and flexible orthopedic models
flexbone models offer a clearly superior, 2-in-1 advantage as either static display or hands-on orthopedic demo models!

Customizable and flexible orthopedic models


Clearly demonstrate your implants’ features and benefits.

FlexBones are innovative, cutting edge alternatives to conventional orthopedic models making medical sales and patient education easier. They can be used as static displays or hands-on demo models to showcase working implants and anatomical behaviors.

Flexible, durable and reusable – Encoris FlexBones

Unlike acrylic models, FlexBones are not subject to breakage and are virtually indestructible. No need to worry about dropping or transporting your models, the durability is in the flexibility. FlexBones can be bent, manipulated and absorb abuse and will always return to their original shape. After an implant is demonstrated and removed, the pathway is reusable. FlexBones provide the ultimate in reliability and clarity among medical models.


FlexBones are customizable for your unique implant needs and can be created with pathology for the ultimate teaching and device demonstration purposes.

Less expensive

FlexBones cost 30-40% less than acrylic models, providing an attractive, versatile, and a robust tool for field sales, education, and patient interaction.

“The longer the model stays in one’s hand the more the customer is looking at your implant.  Surgeon responses: “Intriguing”  “Different” “Fascinating” “Gotta pry it out of Docs hands.  It’s flexible, has texture, surgeons connect with it.”
– Nick Zelensky, VP Sales/Marketing – Novastep .

Features of Encoris FlexBones Models


Self Healing


Customize FlexBones To Be The Ultimate Training Tool


Flexclear Clear Proximal Ulna Encioris
Flexclear C56 Cervical Anterior Plate Model Encoris
Flexclear FootAnkle Suture Anchor Model ENCORIS 1 scaled
Flexclear ACL Recon Knee Demo Tibia Model Encoris 1 scaled
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Flexbone Full Spine Replaceable Pedicle Screw Model Encoris 1 scaled