Surgical Task Trainers

Promote greater understanding and provide better patient education

Surgical Task Trainers the Encoris way

Isolated bone and / or soft tissue anatomy customized specifically to the surgical task, providing training that is focused, efficient, less-costly, pathology-specific, and repeatable.

Our custom task trainers capture the unique features and benefits of your medical devices and augments your overall training program.

A device that produces favorable outcomes is more widely accepted when users feel comfortable using the device.

Creating the perfect model

We use actual human skeletal anatomy and mating soft tissues, ensuring our clients anatomical accuracy, saved time, and peace-of-mind when developing and manufacturing surgical training models.


Synergetic development process

Our engineering and modeling teams can isolate any bone and mating soft-tissue anatomy, and in real-time via a web call, enhance and adapt those structures using CAD data of your implants, to produce manufactured models that provide a superior surgical training outcome.


Stop wasting money

Why throw whole sawbones or cadaver specimens away when you can isolate the consumable to just the surgical area of focus?

Promote greater understanding

Provide better patient education

Lessen apprehension

Sell more devices

Save Money

There are 17 repeatable surgical procedures on this one FlexBone model!

“Where the heck have you guys been?,” said a Sr. Product Manager when we unveiled this highly interactive training model showcasing their entire suture anchor portfolio.

They were using sawbones for years, experiencing subpar, generic results.

Using our repeatable FlexBone technology, the models were an instant hit for them and their distributors, accelerating the understanding and sales of their suturing products worldwide.


Flexclear foot and ankle suture sales demo

Encoris can integrate trainers with life-like, replaceable, anatomically mating ligaments, tendons, or any soft-tissue structures.

Endoscopic TFCC ligament repair task trainer wrist trainer

TFCC ligament repair
Wrist Trainer




Replaceable Meniscal
Knee Repair Sales & Trade show demo model


Replaceable mensical knee repair sales trade show demo model

Workshop Bone Trainers

Customize or enhance any part of the bone anatomy with osteophytes, uncinate processes, or whatever boney feature prevalent to surgery to provide greater challenge and a successful surgical training outcome.

The soft tissue replacement features on our task trainers are ultra-realistic, providing a low-cost, cadaver-like experience for rep training on access and targeting techniques.

ENCORIS Group Corporation was very helpful in assisting us with the design and production of an effective surgical and demonstration training model which eliminates the need for cadaver and C-Arm imaging resources for the Dymicron Triadyme®-C Cervical Total Disc Replacement System. Kudos to the entire team on producing a great hands on solution for today’s virtual training and medical education environment. Take a look at the end of this video to see the elegance and simplicity of our cervical TDR! #innovation #teamwork #collaboration #spinalarthroplasty #cervicaltdr #motionpreservation Eric Lange #joelzystra Jim TenBrink Evan Bridwell Harley Domasik David Harding Richard Guyer Armen Khachatryan, MD

ENCOR ALP cervical surgical trainer with motion preservation

Our NEW, Anterior, Lateral, Posterior, 2-level Cervical Workshop Training System.

(Can be designed for lumbothoracic too)

Pharmaceutical Neurostimulation and Drug Delivery trainers

Neuromodulation access and targeting trainer cadaver like replacement plugs
soft tissue surgical task trainer page

Encoris created a surgical trainer focusing on tibial nerve modulation, a procedure that treats pelvic floor disorders, including Overactive Bladder (OAB).  The models greatly boosted the customer’s marketing and sales launch efforts, as reps were able to quickly grab the docs attention and demonstrate their technology on-the-spot!


The soft tissue replacement features on our task trainers are ultra-realistic, providing a low-cost, cadaver-like experience for pharmaceutical rep training on access and targeting

Pharmaceutical Access and Targeting Training Realistic Skin Tissues Encoris 1
Pharmaceutical access and targeting training

More Trainers is a successful test inserting a lead through the spinal canal of a thoracic spine – Anatomical educational model for hands-on laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, anterior spine surgery, incision and suturing techniques, etc.