Medical Device Displays

Encoris cures companies suffering from DBS, a.k.a. Dead Booth Syndrome! As a highly creative company with the technological horsepower to manufacture models that truly rock the show, we will deliver the “wow factor” by taking your ideas and implant technologies to the next level!

Showcase your devices to potential customers 

Custom Medical Displays

Encoris medical device displays make your devices the stars of the show.

Oversized bones and implants. LEDs of all kinds. Mechanical robotics: you name it. When you have an excellent product, you want people – surgeons, patients, company representatives – to appreciate it, notice the details, and see all the features. The best way to achieve these goals is to use attractive and innovative medical device displays from Encoris. Simply placing your medical device or implant on a table doesn’t do it justice. Visitors to your exhibition, trade show, or demonstration need and deserve more.

For one, your potential customers should be able to view the device from all angles. Surgical procedures occur in many planes, and surgeons need to be able to visualize the implants or devices they will be working with from many different approaches. This also allows company representatives and physicians to appreciate the unique design and features of your products.

Encoris medical device displays make your devices the stars of the show. They act as durable showcases, permitting interested customers to manipulate your products and get a feel for the devices they will be working using.

Surgeons are some of the most hands-on people in the world. Tactile sensation and spatial sense are very important to them. Make sure they are getting the most out of your product demonstration or exhibition with creative Encoris displays.

“High quality product, responsive service, on-time delivery”
– Tara Klovenski, Event & Trade Show Coordinator – Trilliant Surgical

Medical Displays

Aero C Launch Oversized Replications Encoris
Giant AccuLIF Implant Tradeshow Display AAOS Encoris
Giant 2 Level Mobi C Articulating Tradeshow Display NASS Encoris
Patient Education Pharmaceutical Displays Encoris 1
Total Ankle Replicated Implant Display Encoris
Biologics Acrylic Tradeshow Display Encoris
4 hole Oversized Plate Encoris
Hip model trochanter demp display

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