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Increasing the Success Rate of Medical Device Adoption

See the industry-leading attributes that achieve high rates of success for Product Marketing Teams and their medical devices.

Impressed with high quality and fast turnaround times, leaders in orthopedics like Stryker and Zimmer Biomet rely on Encoris for simulated surgical training products that drive implant success and adoption.

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Effective. Efficient. Pure Quality.

Encoris’ customized bone medical models will enhance your devices’ features and benefits and maximize your surgical skills training.

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Anatomical and Visually Stimulating: Medical and Bone Models Professionally Showcase Your Implants

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Extremity Models

Our medical models are extensively used for patient education, sales training, and surgeon demonstration to help facilitate in-depth explanations for many orthopedic surgical techniques.

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Surgical Task Trainers

Isolated bone anatomy customized specific to the surgical task to provide surgical training that is focused, efficient, less-costly, pathology-specific, and repeatable.

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Spine Models

Encoris’ spine models perfectly illustrate the details of any device and are ideal for training and instruction, sales demonstration, or as an impressive centerpiece.

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Cardio Models

Professional anatomic models are perfect for showcasing medical devices used in vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, and peripheral vascular procedures.

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Joint Models

Our joint models help demonstrate and conceptualize many procedures, aiding in showing exact hardware and prosthetic positioning and surgical approaches.

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PCNL Kidney Trainers

A First-of-its-kind PCNL Kidney Trainer that delivers the most realistic, hands-on surgical experience for practicing the removal of kidney stones.


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🎉Exciting news! Encoris is thrilled to announce the launch of our new life-like surgical training model products 🚀. At a fraction of the cost of #cadaver labs, our development team created state-of-the-art surgical trainers that produce live case feel and visuals without the mess! Cheered by industry, surgeons, and fellows for their rewarding results -the models are a must-have for any medical professional or educator desiring to enhance medical training and advance surgical skills.  Contact Jennifer Smith to order, and stay tuned for more updates. Let`s revolutionize the way you train! ✨#SurgicalTraining #MedicalInnovation #Medicaleducation #meddevicetraining #meddevicesales #interventionalpainmnagement #MinimallyInvasiveSpineSurgery #bonemodels #newproduct #encoris
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Encoris is proud to sponsor the @wipm_society annual meeting in Chicago this weekend! We have new, industry-changing surgical training models available for demonstration, so grab Jenn Smith or Jim TenBrink and see what we`ve been innovating. DO NOT MISS the first-ever industry-only Passport to Success event on Saturday after lunch, presented by Encoris! This event is a unique opportunity to network with and learn from women industry leaders. We`re excited to see you there!
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With more than 4 decades of experience in the healthcare industry, co-founder Joel Zylstra is always ready to lead Encoris to new heights. As the senior member of the leadership team, Joel’s strategic approach to business is key to our company success. When Joel is not working, he enjoys investing, hiking, and spending time with his family. Fun fact: Joel has 5 grandchildren ages 2 to 19!

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When our sales team dreams up crazy ideas, Harley Domasik is the guy we depend on to make those ideas reality. Harley’s 17+ years of experience in our industry make him the right leader for our production team. When he`s not creating something cool in our shop, Harley enjoys traveling and exploring with his wife and 3 girls and doing home improvement projects. Fun fact: Harley’s hobbies include rebuilding vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles.  

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Jim TenBrink is our company`s visionary, the driving force, the "get fired up" guy. Jim`s years of experience and passion for growth and innovation make him the perfect leader. When he`s not on the job, Jim spends his time with his sweetheart (his wife of 25 years) and his awesome kids. His adventurous spirit lends to his love of surfing, hiking, and rustic camping. Fun fact: Jim has an identical twin brother! If you get the chance to meet Jim, ask him about his years living in Germany!
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Surgical Training Systems

Encoris specializes in developing realistic and anatomically accurate surgical training models. Our various trainers are manufactured to include customizable, replaceable bone and supporting tissue anatomy, with pathology, offering comprehensive challenges in access and targeting. Encoris can design surgical trainers using arthroscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound, and x-ray modalities.

Surgical Task Trainers Photo

Surgical Task Trainers

Isolated bone and or soft tissue anatomy customized specifically to the surgical task, providing training that is focused, efficient, less-costly, pathology-specific, and repeatable.

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Body-Style Trainers

Where cadavers are not viable, our elaborate surgical trainers are designed to incorporate life-like responses, great when used for trade shows or surgeon lunch-n-learns.

PCNL Trainer

PCNL Trainers

The only hands-on percutaneous nephrolithotripsy training model for targeting kidney stones.

Our Reviews

Encoris is amazing!

I have worked with many vendors to build models for demo purposes. Not only are they quick to respond but, they help you every step of the way. I would recommend Encoris to anyone looking for high quality models with superior customer service!

Project Manager, STRYKER

By far the classiest models!

I’ve been in field sales for 20+ years with Smith & Nephew. We’ve had a variety of models built and sent out into the field…this is by far the classiest and most well-received knee model I’ve ever seen.

Knee Sales, Knoxville, TN