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Many of us are forced to work remotely during this time of quarantine. Fortunately, thanks to Encoris’ PCNL Kidney Trainer, PCNL surgical training doesn’t have to stop.

How it works: The PCNL Kidney Trainer delivers a realistic, hands-on, surgical experience for practicing the removal of kidney stones. The trainer includes a replaceable kidney insert, which entails a life-like adult sized kidney incorporating different types of kidney stone conditions.  Surgeons and trainees can practice access, targeting and the removal of kidney stones ranging from 2-3 cm in size up to the largest staghorn stone. Training can be performed remotely with one person doing the procedure while the other person observes via a Webex or Zoom video. Surgeons and students can thoroughly practice PCNL procedures as a simulated operation using either ultrasound or fluoroscopy.

PCNL Trainer Features and Benefits:

  • Provides a clean, comprehensive, and challenging operating experience
  • Create many different orientations of the kidney and multi-surgical stone conditions via interchangeable kidney cartridges.
  • Practice access to the kidney from multiple angles and entry points either percutaneously or through the ureter.
  • Reusable for multiple training sessions
  • Eliminates the need for cadavers or animals
  • Reduces training costs
  • Non-biohazardous and no logistical limitations
  • Life-like, ultra-sound responsive skin
  • Built-in anatomical bone landmarks such as the iliac crest, thoracic 11th and 12th ribs, and a thoracic spine.
  • Create conditions of hydronephrosis by filling the kidney with water. Fluid drip will result once a guide needle is placed.
  • Compatible with IV
  • Can be used with most urological instrumentation and ureteroscopes
  • Can be used via ultrasonographic guidance, CT/MRI and robotic assisted percutaneous guidance and endoscopic guidance.
“The PCNL trainer gives urologists and medical device companies the ability to practice removing kidney stones from multiple angles using x-ray or ultrasound… It also allows them to do test runs and gain experience and a level of comfort before they do it in the real world.” –Erik Badgero, manager of radiology services, Holland Hospital.
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The PCNL kidney training system can be drop-shipped directly to you or to any facility in North America. To Learn more, or to schedule a demo, contact us at 800-957-7137 or [email protected].