By simulating minimally invasive kidney stone removal, the PCNL Trainer is the first of its kind—giving medical students and surgeons a hands-on, realistic training experience.

Training students, surgeons and medical sales reps on how to remove kidney stones can be a costly process. Current methods involve cadavers and animals, which can’t be reused, are heavily regulated and don’t travel well. There has to be a better option. We spoke with a number of instructors, surgeons, and medical professionals and one problem that continuously came up with previous kidney models was their “one-size-fits-all” methodology. The door was opened when we were approached by world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Giorgio Bozzini, who had invented a kidney trainer that would revolutionize the industry. We manufactured and tested the model, and focused on customizing a product that would open the doors to more lifelike and anatomically correct training.

Life-Like, Emulates Human Anatomy

The Encoris PCNL kidney trainer mimics renal access for common procedures in a urologic practice. The internal kidney anatomy is hollow, containing eight calyces with several embedded stones of assorted sizes and locations.

Additional features include removable skin and accurate anatomic landmarks. The trainer also comes with a reusable kidney cartridge insert that simulates different kidney stone conditions, including large staghorn, upper and lower caliceal stones, or hydronephrotic stones.

What makes this trainer so unique is that it gives you the ability to practice the removal of kidney stones from multiple angles with the use of X-ray and ultrasound. Because it’s reusable, you can do numerous test runs on a life-like model and gain valuable experience before performing the procedure in the real world.

Additional Benefits of the PCNL Kidney Trainer: 


  • Hands-on – Surgeons, instructors, and students can practice hands-on PCNL procedures, using either ultrasound or fluoroscopy.
  • Reusable – You get multiple training sessions out of one unit.
  • Clean – Unlike cadavers and animals, the trainer provides a clean operating environment.
  • Orientation variety – Interchangeable kidney cartridges provide multiple orientations of the kidney and multi-surgical stone conditions.
  • Can be used with water – Kidneys can be filled with water under slight pressure, providing a hydronephrotic condition as well as needle drip.
  • Multi access points – You can access the kidney from different angles and entry points – percutaneously or through the ureter.
  • Compatible – The model can be used with a wide variety urological instruments and ureteroscopes.


To Learn More:
Visit the PCNL Kidney Trainer product page where you can schedule a demo, purchase a trainer or contact us with any questions.